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Name Atta Aisha Andy Akim Aaron Amy
Birth 18.6.2012 23:50  19.6.2012 01:45  19.6.2012 02:00 

19.6.2012 02:45 

19.6.2012 03:50  19.6.2012 06:05 
Sign orange red black red&black grey&black grey 
Collar orange red  blue  khaki black green
Birth weight 510g 330g 640g  615g 525g 560g 
2nd day 560g 365g 650g  625g 570g 605g
3rd day 590g 400g 700g 655g 650g 640g
4th day 645g 440g 740g 700g 680g 720g
5th day 710g 495g 800g 770g 735g 810g
6th day 750g 520g 890g 810g 810g 880g
8th day 870g 560g 1040g 940g 880g 950g
10 days 990g 690g 1120g 1000g 960g 1130g
12 days 1130g 755g 1240g 1150g 1100g 1200g
14 days 1240g 900g 1480g 1240g 1280g 1370g
16 days 1450g 1040g 1700g 1510g 1400g 1540g
18 days 1620g 1205g 1810g 1700g 1600g 1750g
20 days 1700g 1365g 2035g 1900g 1760g 1970g
25 days 2370g 1800g 2870g 2390g 2480g 2590g
30 days 3,2 kg 2,3 kg 3,7 kg 3,2 kg 3,4 kg 3,2 kg
35 days 3,6 kg 2,8 kg 4,5 kg 4,1 kg 4,2 kg 4 kg